The Japan Foundation


1. About The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 as a special legal entity to undertake international cultural exchange and subsequently became an independent administrative institution in October 2003.

The Foundation consists of a head office in Tokyo, a branch office in Kyoto and two Japanese-language institutes (Urawa and Kansai). Overseas there are 25 Foundation offices in 24 countries, the closest being in Sydney, Australia.

The purpose of the Japan Foundation is: to contribute to a better international environment, and to the maintenance and development of harmonious foreign relationships with Japan, through deepening other nations understanding of Japan, promoting better mutual understanding among nations, encouraging friendship and goodwill among the peoples of the world, and contributing to the world in culture and other fields through the efficient and comprehensive implementation of international cultural exchange activities.


1. Programmes

The Japan Foundation carries out its programmes and activities in the following four major categories for New Zealand;

  1. Arts and Cultural Exchange
    1. Japan Individuals and Organizations
      1. Grant Programme for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists (From Japan to New Zealand by invitation from New Zealand)
      2. International Creations in Performing Arts (for Japan based organisation collaborating with New Zealand partner(s))
    2. Overseas Organisations
      1. Exhibitions Abroad Support Programme
      2. Support Programme for Translation and Publication
    3. Overseas Individuals
      1. Ishibashi Foundation/The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art
  2. Japanese-Language Education Overseas
    1. Overseas Organisations
      1. Support Program for Organizations in Japanese-Language Education (Grants)
      2. Training Programme for Teachers of the Japanese Language
    2. Overseas Individuals - Programme for Specialists in Cultural and Academic Fields
  3. Japanese Studies Overseas and International Dialogue
    1. Overseas Individuals - Japanese Studies Fellowship Programme (Conduct research in Japan)
    2. Overseas Organisations - Grant Programme for Japanese Studies Projects (Promote Japanese studies overseas)
  4. Others
    1. Use of the Name of the Japan Foundation as a Supporter
    2. Designated Donations Program


For applications and details, please see the Program Guidelines on Japan Foundation website.


2. Applications for the programmes

The Japan Foundation Programme guidelines and application forms are available in the programme links above. Please refer to the guidelines for each programme for detailed information. The application deadlines for many programs are usually early December. However, the Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists has a deadline on early June too as a 2nd round.

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