The Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme: Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA)


The JET Programme was established by the Japanese Government in 1987 to promote internationalisation at the local level and New Zealand was one of the four original countries invited to participate. On 1 July 2017, the Programme included 5,163 participants from 44 countries, including 235 (225 ALTs, and 10 CIRs) from New Zealand in locations throughout Japan. Since 1987, over 3,000 New Zealanders have participated on the JET Programme.

Most participants are selected as Assistant Language Teachers, mainly at public schools. Others join the JET Programme as Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) or Sports Exchange Advisors (SEA).

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Sports Exchange Advisor - SEA (Applications Closed)

Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) work for local governments, coaching and promoting internationalization through the universal language of sports. They are sports professionals whose role is to assist with sports training and the planning of sports-related projects.

Field Hockey - International exchange activities through sports at elementary and junior high schools in the city, field hockey coaching and promotion in the community.

The successful applicants will be placed in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.

Contracting organisation:
Maibara City Education Commission - Sport Promotion Department

Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Maibara City is located in North-Eastern Shiga, bordering on the coast of the famous Lake Biwa, as well as boasting the tallest mountain in the prefecture — Mount Ibuki, at 1337.4 metres.

Famous for fireflies and fresh trout, the Maibara area is known for its abundance of nature and history. Easy to visit, and a great central home base, Maibara is a Shinkansen stop on the Hokuriku line, only 30 minutes from Osaka. Maibara City was chosen as the host city for the New Zealand Field Hockey team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Maibara City Council Website:

Bullet train through rice fields
Lake Biwa

Eligibility Criteria

Successful candidate must meet all the following criteria below.

  • Be a New Zealand Citizen with a coaching certification/qualification or 3 years coaching experience
  • Excel at and have practical experience coaching Field Hockey
  • Have an interest in living and coaching in Japan
  • Driving license holder
  • Be able to depart to Japan around sometime between August and September 2023
  • Some Japanese language competency is advantageous

Please check that there are further criteria in the guidelines below for more details.


Successful candidate will work for the following organisation

  • Contracting organisation: Maibara City Education Commission
  • Department to work: Sport Promotion Department

The contracts are for one year, renewable twice by mutual agreement (the maximum term allowable as a JET participant is 3 years in most cases). If after careful consideration the contracting organisation deems the JET's work performance, level of experience and ability to be of an exceptionally high standard, they may choose to extend appointment an additional two times (altogether five years). If all parties are in agreement, a JET participant will stay on at the same contracting organisation, in the same role.

Remuneration per annum is approximately ¥3,360,000 in the first year of appointment, ¥3,600,000 in the second year, ¥3,900,000 in the third year, and, in case the Contracting Organisation reappoints a participant whose work ability is deemed excellent more than 2 times, ¥3,960,000 in both the fourth year and the fifth year. In cases in which income and resident taxes are imposed (see application guidelines for details), participants must pay these taxes from this remuneration. This remuneration is a sufficient amount to cover average living expenses in Japan.

Airfares to and from Japan are paid by the JET Programme, providing all conditions of the Programme are met.

Time line

6 June 2023 Applications open
30 June 2023 Applications close
Early July 2023 Second stage of screening process (interviews)
Late July 2023 Notification of selection (results announced)
Late August or Early September 2023 Depart to Japan

JET Programme SEA Guidelines & Application Forms

  1. Download the "2023 SEA Programme Application Guidelines. Read through carefully.

  2. Download and complete the 2023 JET Programme Application Form - SEA in the free Adobe Reader.
    Do NOT use any PDF viewers or editors other than Adobe Reader. This form cannot be completed in preview mode in your browser, please be sure to download and complete in Adobe. Note compulsory fields are highlighted with a red border.

    - Use "Instructions for Filling out the Application Form" to assist with completing the application form.

  3. Save the PDF Application Form, and send it as an e-mail attachment to " with "2023 JET Programme Application - SEA" as the subject. Do not use the "submit" function on the adobe form.

    - Please note that this digital Application Form does not require a signature at this stage.

  4. Print out your completed Application Form PDF (single-sided), hand-sign it in pen, and follow further instructions as stated in the "2023 JET Programme Application Guidelines (SEA)".

    - Ensure all answers are clearly legible when printed (i.e. all text is contained within textbox borders, and font size is reasonable).

  5. Follow "Application Procedure" (page 3 of the Guidelines) and "Applicants' Checklist" (pages 4 & 9 of the Guidelines) before you submit your Application Pack.

  6. All completed Application Packs MUST ARRIVE PHYSICALLY at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre, Embassy of Japan in Wellington, New Zealand by 5:00pm NZST, Friday 30th June 2023, either by post, courier, or hand-delivery.

    - This deadline will be STRICTLY OBSERVED, and late applications will NOT be accepted. Early applications are appreciated.

Other application documents

Statement of Physician - ONLY IF you currently have, or have ever had any physical or mental condition or illness.

Application document submission

JICC, Embassy of Japan
Level 18, The Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street
PO Box 6340, Marion Square, Wellington 6141
Attn: JET Officer (SEA)

Contact Details

Enquiries relating to the JET Programme are welcome at the following offices but applications must be submitted to the Japan Information & Cultural Centre, Embassy of Japan in Wellington.