Police Certificate

A Police Certificate certifies whether the applicant has had any criminal convictions in Japan and will be issued in Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish.

Check here to find your jurisdictional office and website to contact.  The information below is for residents of the following regions: Wellington, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki, Wanganui-Manawatu (excluding Ruapehu District) and the South Island.

 How to Apply 

Step 1:  Make an appointment

To make an appointment at the Embassy of Japan (in Wellington), please make a booking using an online booking system.  Since the booking system only displays in Japanese, please refer to this instruction in English

To apply at the Consular Office in Christchurch, please refer to this information.

If you are intending to apply in Auckland, please refer to this webpage by the Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland. 

Step 2:  Get your fingerprints taken

You must apply in person at the Embassy in Wellington or the Consular Office in Christchurch. 

Required items to bring:

Application form

One copy
Original copy
  • Must be a valid passport.
Fingerprint form

One copy
  • This will be provided at the counter on the day of your appointment.
Reason applying for a Police Certificate

If applicable

Not required if applying for the following purpose.

  • To apply for a New Zealand visa valid for two years or more
  • To apply for a New Zealand resident visa
  • To sponsor someone's New Zealand resident visa
  • For teacher's registration or educational activity in New Zealand
  • For nurse's registration in New Zealand
  • For midwife's registration in New Zealand
  • For P Endorsement (Driver License)
 Please contact us in advance if you require a Police Certificate for purposes not listed above.
Return envelope

Release of Liability form


One each, if applicable

If you would like your police certificate to be posted to you, please also provide a self-addressedpre-paid courier envelope.

  1. Purchase a courier envelope at your nearest post office.  Must be prepaid and your address written on the envelope.
  2. Release of Liability form

Step 3: When the Police Certificate arrives from Japan

We will contact all applicants by E-mail when the Police Certificate arrives.
If you have provided an envelope it will be sent back to you.
To pick up your Police Certificate at the Consular office counter, please bring a photo ID.
If someone else will be picking up on your behalf, they must bring an authorisation form signed by the applicant.

 When you can expect your Police Certificate 

The entire process could take approximately 2-3 months (depending on holiday seasons) from the date you get your fingerprints taken until you receive your Police Certificate.  There is no particular way in shortening this duration. 



Police Certificates are issued free of charge