Sister Cities



   Sister city relationships are partnerships between local governments of two countries aimed at enhancing international exchange and fostering mutual understanding. These relationships have been instrumental in nurturing friendships between communities in each other's cities for several decades.
   At present, Japan and New Zealand share 44 sister city relationships, which is the highest number among all the countries with which New Zealand maintains such connections. Among these treasured relationships, the longest-standing one exists between Kurashiki in Okayama and Christchurch, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in March 2023. These relationships have facilitated vibrant exchanges across various fields, including reciprocal visits, education, art, and sports.
   The strong ties between our people and the nurturing of sister city relationships have greatly enriched the close bond between Japan and New Zealand. These people-to-people connections have long served as key components of the foundational pillars that underpin our bilateral relationship.

   For a comprehensive list of the sister cities between Japan and New Zealand, please click here.

Past Events

Global Cities New Zealand

   Global Cities New Zealand (previously known as Sister Cities New Zealand) has been committed to supporting and promoting sister city relationships between New Zealand and other countries, including Japan, for many years.